The Way

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Track Listing

01... You Can Never Know  (8.09)
02... I’m Me  (8.08)
03... Mankind  (6.48)
04... Heavy Billy  (4.18)
05... Sheep  (6.38)
06... He’s Like You  (5.06)
07... Road to 2012  (5.29)
08... Hypatia  (7.25)
09... She (10:30)
10... The Way (6.55)
11... Liberate Me (4.35)

Total time: 74:09

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Release Data

Label: 10T Records
Catalog #: 10T10032

Pre-release: Apr. 21, 2009 (prog market online CD sales)
Street release: May 19, 2009 (CDs, downloads, worldwide)

Mixing: Blake Tobias
Mastering: Studio 9er, Texas
Producer: Blake Tobias

Special Guests: Glenn Arpino, Tom Shiben, Nicole Tarnecky

Sing Along

Words and music to tracks 5 and 6. No excuses now....

Sheep (6.38)

He’s Like You (5.06)

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Music in Belgium

Jean Pierre Lhoir

May 05, 2009

Mais tout compte fait, ce que l'on préfère dans cet album, ce sont les morceaux chantés, car la voix de Tarnecky est d'une particularité incroyable. Fans de progressif? Alors sautez sur cet opus sans hésiter!

Progressive Rock & Metal

Carlos Vaz

May 21, 2009

they know how to create an astonishing, amazing and vibrant progressive rock music. Their music sounds very impressive, full of grandiose passages, the instrumentation displays a deep Progressive Rock feeling, combining Symphonic elements, with hints of Hard Rock and Prog Metal, constantly it’s possible [to] hear a variety of sounds, with different musical arrangements, using atmospheric synths and intense guitar solos...

Muzik Zirkus Magazine

Stephan Schelle

May 27, 2009

The Way ist ein Album das man zunächst einmal für sich erschließen muss und das nicht sofort in den Gehörgängen Einzug findet. Mit jedem Durchgang hört man dann aber weitere Nuancen in den Stücken, die einem vorher nicht aufgefallen sind. Was zunächst wie ein etwas chaotisches Werk anmutete, entwickelt sich in den folgenden Durchgängen doch zu einem äußerst spannenden und filigranen Werk.

Flash Magazine

Max Salari

July 8,

Ancora suono duro e cadenzato in “He’s Like You”, un piacevole intermezzo Dark. “I’m Me” ricorda la musica dei Norwegian Fruitcake, mentre “Liberate Me” ritmata ed ottimamente arrangiata, segue le gesta dei Gentle Giant, tanto per rimanere in tema anni ’70. Bello l’intermezzo di chitarra. Lascio per ultima la stupenda “Mankind” con un piano eccellente che entra dentro e lascia partire la nostra fantasia.

Rock Reviews


May 27, 2009

Together with a variety of guests, the trio have crafted themselves [a] unique sound exploring the depths of art and progressive rock (bringing in mind early David Bowie, Genesis, King Crimson, and Phideaux among others). The course of the album is largely set to meaningful lyrics and creative songwriting that culminates in excellent hook lines..


Christophe Gigon

Jul 1,

If The Light by Spock's Beard (1995) only vaguely predicted the incredible career which followed, The Way, by its force and its coherence, embraces these incredible hopes.


Markwin Meeuws

Jul 20, 2009

The sound of The Way is bright and organized. The music of TCP has a carefree, almost sunny vibe, nevertheless, never too sweet, bombastic, or cliche! Besides obvious influences such as Genesis, Spock's Beard and Kansas, I would definitely add Kayak as an influence source.

Dutch Progressive Rock Pages

Menno Von Brucken Fock

Sep 20, 2009

In conclusion I can only say this album combines the best characteristics of the legends in prog music with astonishing original compositions and superb craftsmanship from all musicians involved. A really nice offering and would like to invite anyone to check this album out more than once!



Jun 06, 2009 det et sound hvor nytt og gammelt forenes ypperlig, idet den klassiske proggen får en god dose injeksjon av mer moderne musikalsk tankegods. Vokalisten Henry Tarnecky har en virkelig god stemme som virker å kunne tilpasse seg de mest skiftende musikalske landskapene tilsynelatende totalt uanstrengt, og med enorm selvsikkerhet. Tarnecky har visse likheter med Peter Gabriel, og med en slik bredde i stemmen som han kan oppvise gir det rom for bandet til å bevege seg nesten hvor de måtte ønske. is a sound where the new and old are greatly united, as this classic prog gets a good injection of more modern musical ideas. Vocalist Henry Tarnecky has a really good voice that seems to be able to adapt to the changing musical landscapes that seems totally effortless, and with enormous confidence. Tarnecky has certain similarities with Peter Gabriel, and with such a breadth of voice that he can boast of providing the space for the band to move nearly wherever they want.

Sea of Tranquility
United States

Pete Pardo

Apr 16, 2009

This is thoroughly enjoyable stuff here, TCP paying homage to their heroes from the 70's yet creating a CD that can be listened to and enjoyed for its modern sensibilities. Mellotron lovers dig in deep, as there's plenty of sumptuous sounds to be heard here, alongside a plethora of other keyboard tapestries, stellar guitar work, and tight grooves. The Way is, quite simply, way cool.

United States


Apr 26, 2009

All in all an excellent debut album that should be checked out. These guys have a bright future!

Sea of Tranquility
United States

Dean Pedley

May 06, 2009

..this really comes highly recommended with some clever and creative arrangements that make this a hugely entertaining listen and TCP have made an excellent start to their recording career.

Sea of Tranquility
United States

Jon Neudorf

May 06, 2009

Their style pays homage to 70s greats like Genesis, but they are not copycats by any means. They incorporate modern sounds in their old style approach that sounds absolutely fantastic to these ears.
United States

Tommy Hash

Jun 7, 2009

...this band is incomparable to many other bands – inundated with jangly guitars, metaphors of six string crunch, staccatos, odd time signatures, key changes, flourishing synths, ‘Trons, multi-faceted production, and active tune variances, TCP proves to be an inventive band.

United States

Ron Fuchs

Oct 17, 2009

Vocally, Tarrnecky is one of the more unique in the genre, in which he reminds you of many singers yet sounding nothing like them. The rest of the band provides an amazing musical canvas to back him up.

In my opinion they combine all of the best characteristics that encompasses the progressive rock genre. The band stays clear of useless noodling which gives each song a welcome listen. This is one of the better debuts of 2009...

The Prog Archives


Feb 29, 2012

...all compositions breathe a fresh air of harmony with a very rich sound and intelligent songwriting, characterized by the delicate keyboard flashes, the accesible guitar chops and the symphonic mellotron. Also, add a vocalist, who sounds a lot like Peter Gabriel and delivers nice dramatic vocals, and the picture is completed.

The Prog Archives
United States

CB Smith

Dec 13, 2009

Just a warning, this is probably one of my favorite albums of 2009, so expect some bias. I guess if I had to make a reductionist summary of the album, I would say that it sounds like someone took Yes, Genesis, Fish, Dream Theater, and every darker piece from the Romantic period, threw them in a blender, added some nutmeg, and hit ‘frappe’.

Sea of Tranquility
United States

Mark Johnson

Mar 23, 2011

This is a dynamic and challenging debut album, both musically and lyrically. The deep lyrics and profound subjects are unusual for a band's debut and that is what sets this band apart from the many modern classic prog 'sound alikes'.

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