Temporal Chaos

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TempChaos album



Track Listing

01... Torn Apart 1000 Sparks  (3.17)
02... Forest of Lovelies  (8.55)
03... Impetus  (9.43)
04... The Forces  (6.17)
05... Chrysalis  (5.48)
06... Fantasize/Into the Blue  (12.00)
07... Third Eye Limited  (4.38)
08... In the Flame  (11:05)

Total time: 61:43

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Release Data

Label: WATT Records
Catalog #: WATT003

Pre-release: Jun 20, 2016
Street release: Jul 12, 2016 (CDs, digital formats)

Mix/Mastering: Blake Tobias, Colorado
Producer: TCP

Special Guests: Nicole Tarnecky, Tom Shiben



Sing Along

If you’ve already mastered Vision, give this one a try too. We know you can do it....

In the Flame (11.05)

In the Flame Page


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The Progressive Aspect (UK)

Mark Johnson

Jul 20, 2016

"Everything I was hoping for and more is here. Get this album and enjoy one of prog’s most innovative bands."

Music in Belgium (BE)

Philippe Thirionet

Jul 29, 2016

“..with technical passages near King Crimson or Spock's Beard, but the whole remains close to the great Genesis, Pink Floyd or IQ! A progressive album par excellence that everyone must listen to! In the same spirit as the best work of Cyril or Mystery, this [album] is another precious essential!"  4.5 of 5 stars

Profil (CA)

Richard Hawey

Aug 04, 2016

"...the compositions will appeal to old and new fans of progressive rock. A progressive album par excellence that everyone must listen to...TCP again offers an excellent album to rank in my top 10."  Rating: 9.2 of 10

Progwereld (NL)

Alex Driessen

Aug 20, 2016

“Intriguing, against-the-grain, sultry, and unexpected are the keywords...Highly recommended”

Progressive Music Planet (US)

Rob Pociluk

Aug 27, 2016

“A good song is a good song and this album has the songs. If you’re tired of prog rock becoming stale, TCP is well worth checking out.”  Rating: 8 of 10

Menno Von Brucken Fock (NL)


Sep 15, 2016

“Frivole stukjes worden afgewisseld met zeer symfonische passages en complexe fragmenten worden gevolgd door meer rockgeoriënteerde stukken met adembenemende solo’s. Het dikke uur prog van het hoogste niveau is zo voorbij en de conclusie kan niet anders luiden dan dat de heren opnieuw een voortreffelijk album hebben opgenomen, dat ondanks de vele complexe elementen toch melodieus en toegankelijk is gebleven.”

“Flighty pieces are interspersed with very symphonic passages and complex fragments are followed by more rock-oriented pieces with breathtaking solos. Prog at the highest level will be over in an hour and the conclusion cannot be different than the men again have recorded an excellent album that, despite the many complex elements, remains melodic yet accessible.”

Arlequins Webzine (IT)

Valentino Butti

Oct 03, 2016

“La voce di Henry Tarnecky un mix tra Peter Gabriel, Michael Schubert (dei Kirye Eleison), Fish, Cyrus (dei Citizen Cain) e del “nostro” Simone Rossetti (The Watch), con grande capacità espressiva ed enfasi esecutiva che risulta ottimale per il tessuto musicale della band. La qualità delle 8 tracce presenti è mediamente piuttosto alta con menzione particolare per le tracce più lunghe e complesse.”

“[Henry Tarnecky’s vocals are] a mix between Peter Gabriel, Michael Schubert (of Kirye Eleison), Fish, Cyrus (of Citizen Cain) and "our" Simone Rossetti (The Watch), with great expressiveness and an emphasis optimal for the musical fabric of the band. The quality of the eight tracks is quite high on average with particular mention to the longer and complex tracks.”

Proggnosis (US)


Oct 19, 2016

Temporal Chaos flows naturally from track to track and I would never think of skipping any of the songs. The mixture of styles, the excellent compositions and the top-level playing kept me interested from beginning to end and motivated me to press the replay button. For fans of the band and of Neo[progressive], Temporal Chaos comes highly recommended.

Progression Magazine Issue #70 (US)

Nick Tate

Oct 22, 2016

In truth, TCP is among the most contemporary of American progressive acts....Its sound is edgy, dark, complex and - most essentially - richly satisfying.

Sea of Tranquility (US)

Jon Neudorf

Oct 29, 2016

For me, Temporal Chaos is their strongest album to date and is a must listen for any fan of '70s prog. Highly recommended! Rating 4.5 of 5

Progressive Rock & Metal (BR)

Carlos Vaz

Jan 31, 2017

TCP’s album “Temporal Chaos” is the incontestable proof that, 30 years after “Marillion’s” skywards rise, a 21st century band can still surprise the listener making fresh, amazing, and relevant Neo-Progressive Music! TCP is therefore indispensable for fans of “Genesis” (“Peter Gabriel” Era), “Marillion” (“Fish” Era), “Pallas”, “IQ”, “Pendragon”, “Arena”, “Jadis”, “Red Jasper”, “Mangala Vallis”, “Argos” “Martigan”, “Red Sand”, “Yezda Urfa”, “Comedy of Errors”, “Phideaux”, “Silhouette”, “Aisles”, “K2”, “Parzivals Eye”, “Mars Hollow”, “Pink Floyd”, and so on.





















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