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Jun 2016 - Third Album Available Soon!

Our third, Temporal Chaos, looks like it will be ready in almost all online retailers by mid-July or before. After 5 years since the last album, we’re kinda excited about this one!

TCP TempChaos Front Cover 7 250h

Feb 2015 - Studio Completion

Very happy to report the new place, now dubbed Black Duck Studio, has been completed. Now comes the wiring, some new equipment, and break-in. However, the studio is usable for mixing now. Relief.

Jun 2014 - Studio Move

After selling earlier this year, Blake packed up the New York house and moved to Colorado. Once in the Centennial state, Blake had one more home sale (and another) move to get to the final destination about one hour north of Denver. Unfortunately, all the selling, moving, and settling processes knocked the studio TCP relies on out of commission for the year. A studio will be required to be built at the new location.

Nov 2013 - TCP Third Album Progress Report

The band continues to make slow progress toward a third album. Presumably we could expect the new release to occur sometime in 2014. Toward that end, song candidates and status so far are as follows:

The Forces - Wright - 6:17 - Complete
In the Flame - Arpino - 11:07 - Complete
Fantasize (Part 1) - Wright - 7:15 - Complete
Fantasize (Part 2) - Wright - 4:50 - Complete
Impetus - Arpino - 9:44 - Complete
Come Alive - Wright - 7:19 - Complete
Enigma (Headscratcher) - Tobias - 4:08 - Complete
Buzzsaw the Night - Wright - 4:21 - In progress
Keep Me With You - Arpino - 9:41 est. - In progress
Forest of Lovelies - Tarnecky - 9:15 est. - In progress
Chrysalis - Wright - 5:45 est. - In progress

All words - Henry Tarnecky


Oct 2013 - Jack Wright, Tom Shiben on new E. Doctor Smith album

TCP composer, guitarist and drummer, Jack Wright, along with TCP guest bassist, Tom Shiben, play key roles in the release of E. Doctor Smith’s album entitled Quantum. Be sure to check it out.



Sep 2013 - Henry & Jeff Hodges

TCP vocalist Henry Tarnecky paid a visit to Jeff Hodges (10T Records, Man on Fire) at his Charleston Sound recording studio in South Carolina.

H & Jeff Hodges 400w

Sep 2012 - Nicole Tracking

Our best guess is that guest vocalist Nicole Tarnecky will have an expanded role on TCP’s upcoming third album. So far she appears in the new song, Fantasize (part 2), a two part epic composed by Jack Wright. And she’s currently tracking some lead vocals on a new Glenn Arpino piece, entitled Impetus.

Sep 2012 - Second Video Posted

We’ve posted a second HD video (720p) based on music visualization for Ambiance for the Active Mind. The song style and mood make it especially suitable for visualizations. here.

Aug 2012 - TCP Posts First Video

Based on an excerpt of the song In the Movie of You, this video is a slide show centered on the black & white era of film, and the larger than life stars of the past. here.

Jun 2012 - Kicking Around In The Womb

Its not too often we can get together in one place as a band, so it was great to be able jam and BS in The Womb (Glenn’s studio) for a day. In the music department, all sorts of sounds transpired including riffy things, spacey stuff, a version of an older song that gave off a David Bowie flavor, blues rock, and lots of spontaneous ad-libbing on vocals. Never can tell what will happen in sessions like these. We want to thank John Balducci, an excellent drummer and friend, who showed up later and drummed all night with the band. See sidebar pictures TCP in The Womb..

Jun 2012 - Best of 2011

The band is once again honored for its Fantastic Dreamer album. This time the infamous UK podcaster, “Eppy”, includes TCP in his Best of 2011 list in Episode #80 of his wonderfully well produced Epileptic Gibbon show. here

May 2012 - Tom is back!

A most talented special guest bassist and friend, Tom Shiben, has finished recording on a song called Come Alive. This will be Tom’s third appearance on a TCP album. If we treat him well, he just might be back for a forth.

Jan 2012 - TCP Honored by Multiple Writers at SoT - Best of 2011


During the pre-release of Fantastic Dreamer in mid-2011, the staff writers at Sea of Tranquility (SoT) were among the first to review the album. In these round-table reviews, astoundingly, the album was rated 5 out of 5 stars by all three writers. In January 2012, the SoT staff music writers submitted their annual Best Albums of 2011 selections. TCP was honored to be on four different writer lists. We sincerely thank SoT and all the reviewers involved! The four writers who submitted Fantastic Dreamer as part of their Best Albums of 2011:

  • #31 - “one of 2011’s best pure prog albums”, Pete Pardo
  • #12 - “this is what prog is all about!”, Scott Ward
  • #20 - “some people will try and convince you that prog is dying, or staid. Let bands like TCP prove them wrong and laugh in their face!”, Steven Reid
  • #5 - “Great bunch of down to earth guys with the number one song of the year...”, Mark Johnson


Mar 2011 - 10T Announces Release of Fantastic Dreamer

10T announced the pending release of TCP’s sophomore album describing it as “deftly blending elements of classic-era and modern progressive rock, the nine tracks that make up Fantastic Dreamer showcase a haunting and emotive blend of vocals with layers of soaring guitar and keyboard passages which often ride a shifting and complex rhythm section.” see album review quotes

Nov 2010 - Henry Narrates a Fantastic Dreamer Album Preview

Henry narrated a four song album preview of TCP’s Fantastic Dreamer album, due out April 2011 on Mixposure’s Saturday Night Rocks internet radio show. This is the core 28 minute audio narration intermixed with the featured songs. It’s great way to get a feel for the album and insight on how it was created....




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Henry Narrates Album Preview

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