Fantastic Dreamer

Album Information

TCP-FD-Front Cover 302w



Track Listing

01... Schizoid & Guntrip  (2.46)
02... In the Movie of You  (7.57)
03... Devotee  (7.24)
04... Ambiance for the Active Mind  (6.40)
05... Fantastic Dreamer  (6.26)
06... Releasing  (5.21)
07... Fading in the Rain  (6.29)
08... Upon Further Review  (4.26)
09... Vision (13:50)

Total time: 61:23

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Release Data

Label: 10T Records
Catalog #: 10T10049

Pre-release: Apr. 11, 2011 (prog market online CD sales)
Street release: Jun 15, 2011 (CDs, downloads, worldwide)

Mixing: Blake Tobias
Mastering: Soundlab, New Jersey
Producer: TCP

Special Guests: Glenn Arpino, Tom Shiben, Nicole Tarnecky


Sing Along

In the mood for an epic song? Try this one. With a bit of rehearsal you’ll do just fine.

Vision (13.49)



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Music in Belgium
Belgium / België

Jean Pierre Lhoir

Apr 19, 2011

Il régalera les fans du progressif des seventies, de Genesis, Pink Floyd, mais aussi Marillion époque Fish, IQ, Carptree ou Jupiter Society. Si vous êtes de ceux-là, ne manquez cet opus sous aucun prétexte.
It will delight fans of the progressive seventies, of Genesis, Pink Floyd, but then Fish, Marillion, IQCarptree or Juipiter Society. If you're one of them, do not miss this album under any circumstances.

Spain / España

Jordi Costa

May 16, 2011

TCP (Temporal Chaos Project), una banda de profundo carácter progresivo provenientes de Estados Unidos, han editado, probablemente, el mejor disco del 2011. Después del sorprendente The Way (2009 ), estos brillantes cerebros “yankees” han parido una obra maestra. Fantastic Dreamer es un auténtico cofre dorado lleno de rico progresivo, muy bien trabajado y madurado a la perfección.
TCP (Temporal Chaos Project), a band with a deep progressive nature from the United States, have probably produced the best album of 2011. After the amazing The Way (2009), these brilliant “Yankee” minds have delivered a masterpiece. Fantastic Dreamer is a treasure chest full of rich progressive, very well-crafted music aged to perfection.

Music Waves

Peter Hackett

April 4, 2011

Si l'on peut reprocher à TCP de manquer d'originalité et de ne pas prendre de risque, le résultat est au final tellement cohérent et agréable à entendre que ce choix d'un rock progressif conventionnel est surement le choix de la raison.

Progressive Area


June 3, 2011

Henry éclabousse littéralement cet album par son talent, que ce soit avec ses compositions, ses textes ou sa voix. TCP compte aussi dans ses rangs deux autres compositeurs de talents, Blake Tobias (claviers et basse) et Jack Wright (guitare et batterie). Le combo sait s’entourer d’excellents invités, la preuve, Glenn Arpino aux claviers, Tom Shiben à la basse et Nicole Tarnecky au chant.”
Henry literally splashes the album with his talent, whether with his compositions, his lyrics or his voice. TCP also has in its ranks two other talented composers, Blake Tobias (keyboards and bass) and Jack Wright (guitar and drums). The band also knows to surround itself with excellent guests- proof: Glenn Arpino on keyboards, Tom Shiben on bass and vocals Nicole Tarnecky.

Highlands Magazine

Alex Scheyder

August 2011

Après un premier opus très remarqué en 2009 (THE WAY), le trio de TCP (TEMPORAL CHAOS PROJECT) nous revient en grande forme pour un second album qui va faire parler de lui!

After a highly acclaimed debut album in 2009 (THE WAY), trio TCP (TEMPORAL CHAOS PROJECT) returns in top form for a second album that will be talked about!
Germany / Deutschland

René Partucci

May 10, 2011

TCP verstehen es, ehrliche Gefühle in ihrer Musik auszudrücken, ohne dabei kitschig oder aufgesetzt zu wirken. Hier haben wir es nicht mit Leuten zutun, die einfach nur ihr Instrument beherrschen, aber im Songwriting Schwäche zeigen. Vielmehr erscheint mir TCP wie ein durchdachtes Ganzes: Das Songwriting , die musikalische Umsetzung, die Texte und sogar das Design des Artworks und des Booklets passen ideal zusammen. Dies ist für eine erst so kurz existierende Band absolut ungewöhnlich.

Background Magazine
Netherlands / Nederland

André de Waal

May 27, 2011

this album gets better playing session after session. It all culminates in the epic, Vision, which will bring TCP a huge step closer to the prog Champions League.


Nuno Lourenço

May 04, 2011

TCP is one of the most promising progressive rock bands that I’ve listened [to] in a while and Fantastic Dreamer ends up working as one of the best demonstrations of the wide scope that is progressive rock, from its origins to the contemporary scene.

I know these are big statements, but the fact that remains is that I have been fascinated by this album and what it has to offer to the point that it has been continuously playing for the past 2 weeks.

Fireworks Magazine
Sea of Tranquility
United Kingdom

Steven Reid

May 3,

Think what it would have been like if Wish You Were Here era Pink Floyd had decided that they wanted to merge with Gabriel era Genesis to create a new, but familiar sound and then add a more contemporary verve and a cutting edge production. You're getting there now, but there are still plenty of twists and turns to make Fantastic Dreamer into what should genuinely be held up as a progressive rock classic - and I don't say that lightly.

Dutch Progressive Rock Pages
United Kingdom

Geoff Feakes

May 8, 2011

Although it’s still early days, TCP have undoubtedly come-up with my favourite album of 2011 thus far. They skilfully combine modern progressive rock sensibilities with the drama and (slightly eccentric) grandeur of bands like Genesis and Gentle Giant..

United States


Aug 3, 2011

This is high quality art rock which features superb musicianship on all levels, and creates an experience which should appeal to those seeking pleasing accessible rock and those who thrill on exceptional playing.

Fire of Unknown Origin
United States

Raffaella Berry

Jun 2, 2011

like many modern prog albums, Fantastic Dreamer is very much vocal-based, TCP achieves admirable balance between the singing and the lush, varied instrumental sections.

United States

Ron Fuchs

Jul 13, 2011

If you’re looking for an album that invokes the past and forges ahead, then get a copy of Fantastic Dreamer today. For me it’s simply one of the best releases of 2011 and is without a doubt, highly recommended.

Sea of Tranquility
United States

Pete Pardo

Mar 20, 2011

Not many bands who take their cue from vintage Genesis utilize as much guitar thunder as this bunch. TCP somehow merge Genesis with Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, and even a little Dream Theater, coming up with a sound that is pretty unique amongst the modern progressive rock horde.

Sea of Tranquility
United States

Mark Johnson

Mar 20, 2011

What every great band needs is an epic song that helps elevate them beyond the vast crowd of artists out there struggling for attention. Vision is that song for TCP. I think this one will someday be celebrated like the great prog epics of our time........This album is just incredible. Please don't miss the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this band.


Olav M Bjornsen

Oct 10, 2011

In the case of Fantastic Dreamer one might toss out names such as Marillion, Genesis and Pink Floyd as probable influences, which is right to some extent, but at least partially wrong too. This is a band with a bit more to their escapades...

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